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Trip Tips

Macocha Gorge (6 km)

The Macocha Gorge is more 138.5 metres deep and is the greatest gorge of its kind in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. The top part of the gorge is 174 metres long and 76 metres wide. There are two lookout platforms at the edge of the gorge.

Moravian Karst Caves (6 km)

Moravský kras (Moravian Karst) is a natural reserve that contains more than 1100 caves, of which only a small number is accessible to public – Punkevní, Balcarka, Kateřinská, Výpustek and Sloupsko-šošůvské jeskyně are those that you actually can admire. If you venture into the realm of eternal silence, you will have the opportunity to see the bottom of the Macocha Gorge, or sail on the Punkva underground river.

Rudice Sink (3 km)

The twelve-kilometre long Rudické propadání - Býčí skála system of caves in the Moravian karst is the second longest of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Windimill Museum in Rudice (3 km)

The exhibition is composed of three main parts that are located on the ground and two higher floors. The entry hall presents the history of windmills and is followed by the guide's room furnished with equpiment that shows the way people in Rudice lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The first floor is full of beautiful crystalic forms of colourful types of quarzites. The second floor hosts a speleologic exhibition, as Rudice is a place tightly connected to the roots of speleology.

Křtiny (6 km)

The village of Křtiny that is hidden on the top edge of the Josefské údolí karstic valley, is an ideal place to hike or to make a pilgrimmage, and also a place where discovering of the central part of Moravian Karst can be started. From the early days, Křtiny have been an important European pilgrimmage locations with a Baroque temple - top building of the Czech Baroque architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichl. You can also visit local ossuary, chimes, or the Křtinský zámek Chateau.

Stará Huť u Adamova (10 km)

A natural sight - remains of an old metallurgical premises that the duke Jan Adam of Lichtenstein had built in the valley of the Křtinský potok stream in the middle of 18th century. The dimensions of the ten-metre-tall blast furnace named Františka make it an impressive dominant of the whole premises.

The Moravian Karst House of Nature (10 km)

The Moravian Karst House of Nature is a modern visitor centre awith an interactive indoor and outdoor exhibition and 3D cinema. You can not only take advantage of usual services that an information centre generally provides, but actively join in the process of learning and discovering in our exhibition.

Brno (20 km)

Bored in Brno? Well, you really do not lose any sleep over it. In Brno, you will find Vila Tugendhat listed among the UNESCO sights, unconquerable Špilberk Castle, unique St. Jacob Ossuary, the secret 10-Z shelter or a cruise on the "Prygl" - the Brno Reservoir - and subsequent visit to the Brno ZOO. If you are interested in what Brno has to offer at night, you should not miss out on Bar, který neexistuje or good beer at Lokál U Caipla.

Cycling Trips Around Jedovnice

Choose from many cycling paths and discover the countryside! :-)



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